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We would love to hear from you...! Tell us how we are doing and how your experience with our company was, and brag to others about your hardwood floors that Bryant Hardwood Floors installed or sanded for you. Our Company thrives on providing the best in quality hardwood floor installation, sanding and refinishing, rather it is New hardwood floor installation or refinishing hardwood floors you already have, let us help you with all of your hardwood flooring needs.
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Helen said:   August 1, 2014 5:37 am PST
My floors look absolutely beautiful. They arrived on time and stayed on schedule. Very patient as i decided on a color and change my mind twice. I would recommend them to all!

Herb Sills said:   August 16, 2013 7:44 pm PST
A great experience from beginning to end, Executed the job professionally, on time and extended coutesy to family members. I plan on building a retirement home in another part of the state, however, Bryant Floors will be on my bidders list for sure!! Thanks Again Kevin for your honesty and attention to detail.

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Call or email today to set up a free estimate. Bryant Hardwood Floors offers a wide range of hardwood flooring services....from installing hardwood floors....sanding hardwood floors....refinishing hardwood floors.....dustless floor beautify your home. By installing hardwood floors, sanding and staining with over 20 different stain colors and 3 sheen choices to choose from, we can give you hardwood flooring with a look that suits you.
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